Betsy Kramer, Acting Chairman - [email protected]

Betsy Kramer, First Vice Chairman - [email protected]
Ashford Schwall, Vice Chairman – Membership / Data Systems [email protected]

Gordon Rolle, Vice Chairman [email protected]
Sunny Wong, Vice Chairman - [email protected]
Zach Hines, Vice Chairman - [email protected]
Jeff DellaMaggiora, Vice Chairman Communications- [email protected]
Rob Cunningham, Vice Chairman - [email protected]

Dan DiLuzio, Treasurer - [email protected]
Nick Carlson, Assistant Treasurer - [email protected]

Dr. Sonia Francis-Rolle, Secretary - [email protected]
Caroline Jeffords, Assistant Secretary- [email protected]

Robert Kaufman, General Counsel - [email protected]
Angelic Moore, Executive Director - [email protected]

Yesterday, June 3rd 2021, the Georgia State Executive Committee met on Jekyll Island to accept the State Appeals Committee recommendations. They also listened to the final arguments from each of the plaintiffs, Trey Kelly and Susan Opraseuth. I was not in attendance, but I was informed immediately of their decision.

I am honored and humbled to be your Acting Chair until the final vote is taken. Arrangements for secure, electronic voting are being made and will be disseminated immediately when they are finalized. In the meantime, we must all heal our divisions and come together. One half of a party does not win elections and our job is to win elections, not to fight among ourselves. Let us all put any differences aside and come together as the welcoming party we are. Our aim is to grow the party, not divide it. Please join me in this healing and growth. I, and the Fulton County Republican Party, are asking your help.

I look forward to leading our party for this very brief time. No major initiatives will be taken on at this time other than essential housekeeping tasks, but your party officials won’t stop working for the party to prepare for the upcoming elections locally and statewide.

With warmest regards,
Betsy Shaw Kramer Acting Chairman Fulton County Republican Party 

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